About Us

The Trusted Interior Design Agency based in Singapore.

We are here to provide you a full interior and construction services with the best solutions. We are commited to design excellence, sustainability and responsibility so that our clients receive more efficient and responsible services for the amount they are paying.  We are a leading Singapore company with 18 years+ experience in renovation and construction.

EST. 2000

Reinventing Renovations

We keep our projects moving with the understanding and directives of our clients. We have established warm relations between our client and team. Our team is a multicultural and dynamic team that aims to complete projects and set benchmarks.

Mingyu Interior is well known for our business expertise in services and designing. We also offer a variety of innovative interior designing, renovation and construction solutions.

Let us help you to reinvent your feels and emotions that are attached to your property, so that you can enjoy the moments with your loved ones.

We’re here for you in every aspect of your memory.

Cooperation Brands

Here we have some precious partners working with us. We provide them our services time to time and we are happy to help them in different projects and renovations and make them more valuable in terms of property value and looks for their clients.